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Neighmaste is a division of Equi-Health Canada (www.equihealthcanada.com). All products are 100% pure grade and have been carefully designed and tested for effective use for both horse and rider! We take the guesswork out of essential oils – you can use our products on your horse with knowledge and confidence that they are Equi-Health Canada tested and approved.

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Bug Off 

Contains cedarwood atlas, rosewood, cinnamon, citronella, lemongrass, bitter orange and orange peel and vanilla.

This blend is designed to be a safe and natural approach to insect control for both horse and rider. Cedarwood is the primary ingredient in our Bug Off. Cedarwood is known to be toxic to fleas, ticks and mosquitos. It is completely non-toxic to horses and humans and has a lovely woodsy aroma. Rosewood has similar properties to cedarwood, with proven insecticidal properties, and cinnamon has been found by researchers to be an effective way to destroy mosquito and tick larva. Citronella, lemongrass, bitter orange and orange peel are very effective against mosquitos, and against lice and some biting flies. Vanilla is known to be effective in its pure form when blended with citronella. Combine with a carrier oil or alcohol such as witch hazel. Essential oils will evaporate at a faster rate than a chemically produced product such as DeetTM, so applications are needed more frequently.

A test of durability and lasting power of the product was conducted in 2017 in a variety of temperatures and conditions. The link to the results is here

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Contains Ylang-ylang, elemi, chamomile, bitter orange, mandarin orange and patchouli

This blend is designed to have a calming influence on both horse and rider. While many practitioners go straight to lavender for a calming oil (and it is very effective), in a comprehensive study conducted by the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation, researchers found that exposure to inhaled (via room diffuser) Ylang-ylang volatile organic compounds decreased both systolic and diastolic blood pressure and showed exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. Elemi has many benefits, however it’s stimulation of circulation, and analgesic properties make it a pain-addressing addition to our calm blend. Chamomile has been well-documented over the ages as an effective sedative, among many other benefits, and bitter and mandarin orange essential oils are both mood boosters, relieve inflammation and reduce anxiety. Lastly, patchouli is a bit of a ‘wonder-oil’, with its documented benefits of relieving depression, stimulating blood circulation, and sedating hypersensitivity. Wave under nose, diffuse or add drops onto grooming tools for best results. Also effective diluted into a carrier oil and used for equine massage practice.

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Contains Eucalyptus globulus/radiata, clove, elemi, evergreen, bay tree, cypress, camphor and caprylic

The heaves blend could also be called a breathe-easy blend or as a cool-down blend. Eucalyptus is a large genus of flowering trees with over 700 species. The globulus and radiata oil rate the highest in terms of improving respiratory health, with the active ingredients in the leaves acting as an expectorant. Clove oil is well documented for its numerous health benefits, including aiding in cough, asthma and has anesthetic, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral and stimulating properties. Elemi, as discussed above is an excellent stimulant of circulation and contains analgesic properties. Evergreen, bay tree and cypress oils all have similar qualities in their ability to tone the respiratory system and help calm spasms, and camphor essential oil is a stimulant with decongestant and anesthetic properties. It is also documented as a relief for digestive issues; not letting gas form and expelling existing gasses in a healthy way which makes it a possible go-to for mild colic while waiting for a vet to arrive. Caprylic acid is in the smallest of amounts in this blend – found in low concentrations in coconut oil, it is quickly converted into useable energy and directly linked to immune system support. Wave under nose or use in room diffuser for best results. For horses with respiratory issues, use with equine atomizer as directed by a veterinarian.

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Pain Away 

Contains chamomile, camphor, wintergreen, peppermint and osmanthus oils

This blend is quick to relieve pain and inflammation in joints, muscles and in tendons and ligaments for both horse and rider! We know chamomile to have exceptional anti-inflammatory properties, it also has pain relieving properties, boosts the nervous system and prevents infection. Wintergreen and peppermint oils have the ability to treat indigestion, respiratory problems, headache as well as pain in muscles and joints. The oils also contain minerals and nutrients such as manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium, folate, potassium and copper. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A and C. Osmanthus is derived from the osmanthus fragrans plant, native to China. It is known for its powerful antioxidant properties. This blend can be applied directly to sore muscles and joints; however, we recommend blending with a carrier such as shae butter in order to massage into problem areas and maximize usage of the product.

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Mare Stare 

Contains Rosewood oil, juniper, frankincense, labdanum, rosemary, white spruce and blue tansy.

This blend is intended to both calm the anxious mare but also provide support for menstrual pain. Rosewood is mild, sweet and spicy and used regularly by aroma therapy specialists to elicit a happy response. It also contains analgesic properties and acts as a stimulant for metabolic functions. Juniper is well documented as effective for relieving all types of cramps, from muscular, intestinal to menstrual. It is also effective as a blood purifier for common toxins, and is diuretic in nature, assisting with water retention. Frankincense will be an oil recognized by name from biblical times. It derives from the Boswellia serrata, a large tree native to India. Frankincense is considered the king of oils for its numerous benefits, however in this blend we include it for its ability to balance hormones. Labdanum in this blend comes in the form of hard-to-extract resin, wildly harvested in Spain. It shows antimicrobial properties against Staph, and Candida. It is known for its wound healing abilities and is of great benefit when included in a lymph massage blend and for menstrual aches and pains. Rosemary oil is known to aid digestion, relieve stress and pain, white spruce is known to soothe inflammation, reduce pain and lower stress levels. Blue tansy, while a poisonous plant to humans and horses when ingested, is commonly and safely used topically and aromatically in essential oil blends. Used in minute amounts in our blends, it provides relief from stress, anxiety and depression, reduces the risk of bacterial, fungal and viral infections and gives relief from inflammation. Diffuse, wave under nose or use a few drops in grooming routine. For extreme cases dilute into a carrier oil and use in equine massage.