What do you provide?

  1. Indoor location - arena, barn, horse shelter - we can teach in just about any size area, but do need a place to get out of the elements.
  2. Area for the PowerPoint portion of the course - coffee room, classroom, viewing area or corner of the barn - we require an area to plug in our PowerPoint projector and for students to be able to sit down - chairs or hay bales will do! If this is not available, we can absolutely provide the slides in handout format.
  3. Equines! We will work with your horses - any age, any breed, and any size. We require 1 horse for every 4 students (20 students per class on average but can work with a group of up to 40 if there is adequate space and horses). We do ask that you choose horses that will prove safe to work with for the students, recognizing that horses are living, and breathing, reacting animals.
  4. A non-refundable deposit of $150.00 is required to hold the date. This will be deducted from the final balance or applied to one enrollment. An invoice for the deposit will be sent separately.

What do I provide?

  1. All learning materials - wound gel, bandages, vet wrap, weight tape, thermometers, sprayers, stethoscopes, etc.
  2. Certificates of completion for all attendees (eligible for insurance discounts in some areas)
  3. Comprehensive first aid reference manuals for all attendees.
  4. Normal vs. Abnormal charts for all attendees.
  5. Course listing on website (where appropriate for public courses)
  6. Signing ability for provincial Continuing Education credits for Veterinary technicians, for Green Certificate program, for Equestrian Canada coaching credits, and Certified horsemanship association coaching credits.