The Goddess Program is a time to re-connect with your inner goddess! We will spend time gathered to discover the true essence of who we are as individuals.  We will take time to look inward and learn to love ourselves on a deep and robust level! You are worthy of loving yourself completely and fully.  You will be guided through 3 sacred circle gatherings, 3 horse guided healing sessions and a 30 minute weekly connection call. 

The Sacred Goddess Circles are scheduled for Sept 24th, October 22nd  and November 19th. The Sacred Goddess Circle allows the group the opportunity to gather as women and connect on a deep level in a safe and supportive space. The horse guided healing sessions and the connection calls will be scheduled around your availability and what works best for our schedules. 

This program has 6 spots available to whomever feels called to attend.

Contact Courtney for More Information