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EquuSoul Equine First Aid 

EquuSoul Equine First Aid is dedicated to building the knowledge and confidence level of horse people in equine emergency first aid, in order to improve the lives of horses and increase the equine survival rate in an emergency.

There are a variety of Adult and Children's Courses available for all ages and ability levels. We are sure you'll enjoy the training and even the most experienced horse person will learn something new!

Horse, Horse First Aid, Equine First Aid

About the Instructor

Courtney Gledstone is the owner of EquuSoul Equine First Aid. She is a certified Equi-Health Canada Instructor and has been successfully teaching since June of 2017. She is an animal lover but if you talk to her family... they will tell you she hasn't always been that way.  When she was very young she used to be afraid  but with their help she grew to love them. 

Courtney started her equestrian career riding at a small barn in Aldergrove, BC that has a variety of animals and expanded her love for all types of animals. She spent her time as a youth and young adult working and riding at different boarding facilities. Courtney is currently teaching full-time. 

Courtney has a beautiful Black Labrador Retriever puppy named Primrose and a tuxedo cat named Sammy. The dog featured in the picture is Torra. She is Primrose's grandma out of Westhams Kennel.  

Horse, Horse First Aid, Equine First Aid

Associated with Equi-Health Canada 

Equi-Health Canada is a Canadian National Organization responsible for providing equine first aid training to horse enthusiasts across Canada. It has grown and is now offering courses and instructor training in the USA, and Australia. This organization is dedicated to helping horse owners and lovers improve the health and safety of horses by providing emergency first aid training to individuals, clubs and associations. For more information visit: www.equihealthcanada.com