Courtney Gledstone 

Courtney has been a certified Equi-Health Canada Instructor since June 2017. Her mission as an instructor is to improve the quality of care equines receive through educating owners and enthusiasts what to do in emergencies. She is based out of Langley, BC, but travels across Canada teaching.

Courtney grew up learning to ride at a local riding school. She has been working with and around horses for over 20 years now. She spent 2 of those years working at a large Equine Veterinary practice gaining valuable experience. She worked as an ambulatory assistant going on the road with her veterinarian. She also stayed at the hospital monitoring sick horses, and assisting in surgeries. In 2020, Courtney was awarded Instructor of the Year by Equi-Health Canada.

Courtney has a beautiful  Labrador Retriever named Primrose and a tuxedo cat named Sammy. The dog featured in the picture is Torra. She is Primrose's grandma out of Westham's Kennel. If you do attend a clinic, you might get the chance to meet Primrose as she often travels with Courtney.