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Horse Guided Healing 

Courtney Gledstone is a Horse Guided Healing Facilitator. She will guide you through an hour or hour and a half session working with the horses to help you heal and work through difficulties. Sessions are available by phone or in person. All ages are welcome! 

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Equi-Health Canada Classes

Equine First Aid is about educating people how to prevent injuries, identify when horses are in pain, how to deal with emergencies and when to call the vet. The first step is educating ourselves to recognize when we need to take action.

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Canine Health Canada Classes 

Canine First Aid and CPR is all about educating individuals that have dogs or work with dogs how to prevent injuries, identify when dogs need to go to the vet and how to improve the overall health of your pet. The first step in doing this is educating ourselves to know when action needs to be taken. 

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